SK Kakraba Lobi



Greetings from Ghana! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get a post up, but we’ve been busy getting settled, and I haven’t had the best access to internet to get a video or picture uploaded. Alas, we are moved into the house we’ll be staying at for the next month so it should be easier for me to post.


It’s really great being back in Ghana. Some things have changed a lot but mostly everything is the same. When I was here in ’08, they had just discovered oil off the coast and were tying to figure out exactly how to handle it. It was actually a big part of the presidential elections that were going on at the same time. 4 years later, a lot of things just seem a little nicer. The GDP is up and people are all living a little better. The cell phone situation is a lot better and cheaper too. When I was here before, the dollar was basically equal to the currency here. Now since the dollar is a little stronger, the exchange rate is about $1.7 Ghana Cedi (the currency here) to every $1 U.S. Dollar, and prices of things haven’t changed to match, which is great for us!


I’ve already seen a bunch of old friends that I made when I was here before. SK, the guy in the video above, was my teacher in ’08. He came and met me at the airport when I landed and escorted me to the house we were staying at for the first few days. We’ve seeing each other a lot during the week too.


We spent the first week really getting set up. Finding a place to rent, getting stuff for the house, getting Internet set up, buying phone chips etc…We’ve also spent some time with the “talent riders” (BMX riders) in Accra who we are here to film. I’ll post more on that later, once we have some good footage to post. We stayed out until sunrise the other night at a big street party where the riders went to show off and hustle. It’s was nuts.


Anyway, check out the video of SK above! I went over to his house the other day and he was practicing. It’s hard to get the real effect from an iPhone YouTube clip, but the xylophone is such a beautiful sounding instrument. Its so relaxing to just chill and watch him play. Hope you enjoy!


More soon.

– Charles